List of Stories by Dr R Prasad, Science Editor, The Hindu

as part of the National Media Fellowship 2013

All stories were published in The Hindu.

 Programme to prevent TB in children neglected, 3 October 2013

Don’t ignore the children (Editorial), 10 October 2013


TB: how many young children are wrongly diagnosed as disease-free?, 16 October 2013


Contact screening: the risk of wrong TB diagnosis, 24 October 2013


Paediatric TB: should Xpert molecular test replace smear microscopy?, 31 October 2013


Why the true burden of paediatric TB remains unknown, 6 November 2013


Contact tracing of childhood TB cases: Interview with Dr Jeffrey R Starke (Podcast), 6 November 2013


Missing TB Cases (Editorial), 7 November 2013


TB: ‘There is a clearly higher risk of mortality in children of 0-4 years’, 8 November 2013


Childhood TB: epidemiology reveals two risk periods, 13 November 2013


‘Age has a significant effect on the immune system in childhood TB’, 13 November 2013


‘Very few children in India are diagnosed and treated for MDR-TB’, 20 November 2013


In 80-90 %, TB bacilli in children same as in MDR-TB index case’, 20 November 2013


Sentinel Project gives a fillip to managing MDR-TB in children, 27 November 2013


Malnourished children in India below three years are underdosed for first-line TB drugs, 4 December 2013


‘Children metabolise TB drugs much faster than adults’, 4 December 2013


Second-line TB drugs: ‘It is more difficult to assess adverse effects in children’, 4 December 2013


TB and the Child, 10 December 2013, Frontline


Child-friendly, first-line TB combination drugs will be available in 2016: Dr. Mel Spigelman, 12 December 2013


‘Nuances of childhood TB are never taught in medical schools’, 12 December 2013


Clinical trials on child-friendly bedaquiline MDR-TB drug for children initiated, 14 December 2013


‘In 2003, RNTCP had eight lines in the guidelines that related to TB in children’, 14 December 2013